13″ on top of it all

23 Dec 2013, Posted by Master of Chaos in Blog, 1 Comment.

13″ on top of it all

Holy powder day Saint Nick.  You certainly dropped your presents off early here in Northwest Colorado.  After the BLOWER day yesterday, another 13″ of not so much blower shifted our world to really, really deep.  Even our plow guy on the pass Leonard was struggling but thankfully had his brand new Routt County motor grader to keep us going.  Thanks Leonard!

So goes the day in the life of Powdercats.


December 24, 2013 7:11 am

Tom Terrill

I think it’s time for Jim to get a new coat.
I’m hoping by the time my group arrives in early Feb we’ll see a new one.
Maybe we should start a collection for him.


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