15″ and snowing 2″ per hour

15 Feb 2013, Posted by Master of Chaos in Blog, 1 Comment.

15″ and snowing 2″ per hour

2.15.13cSuper Storm Sandy would have been made proud by today’s post Valentines Day massacre.  Say what?  Did it really just snow 15″ overnight and then proceed to hammer down at 2″ per hour the rest of the day.  Did this really happen?

We’ve been talking about Northwest Flow all week.  On Wednesday this system arrived and since then wave after wave of moisture has been crushing us from the NW and dumping, dumping, dumping.  Today, guess what, not only did it dump, it really dumped.  The storm just sat here with major Orographic results.

It snowed all day up top but actually stopped snowing at the 2.15.13bbase around 10:30ish.  1,000 feet higher at Dry Lake it was just snowing and then y 1,000 feet higher than that it was just nucking.

Our deepest day of the season thus far.  We now sit at an 81″ base and things look like we could be reaching 100″ base if the next couple weeks pan out.  Reports of next week with another round of Northwest Flow are now in the rumor mill.  Please make this happen.

What a day folks!

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February 20, 2013 4:01 pm


Phenomenal! I hope it continues until out trip on the 22nd.

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