17″ of Glory

22 Dec 2014, Posted by Master of Chaos in Blog, No Comments.

17″ of Glory

12-22-2014-2024This storm came in and crushed us with a blizzardy mess of snow, sleet, groppel, sunshine, wind, fog and glory. We didn’t have a cat out yesterday or the day prior so it was extra special for the 1 cat out today.  Only 6 guests on the cat, so plenty of room to stretch and clean out goggles from the snow blasting in your face.  Winds were hefty and mostly came in from the north so our southern aspects were money.  Runs like Dingo Trees and Exhibition were crowd favorites.  Snow wasn’t blower by any means but Mother Nature kicked down and we now have a solid 46″ base which makes us all very, very, very happy.

Images by Luc and Ben


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