Female Fiesta

06 Mar 2015, Posted by Ben Saheb in Blog, No Comments.

Female Fiesta

Our cat Felix was a lucky one today. All women. All beautiful women. Even our only two woman guides Brynn and Britni were on the cat to accompany the shenanigans.

The all female cat was celebrating the 40th birthday of Megan. There was cake, there was bright neon one piece ski suits and there was lipstick. Tons of lipstick. We rarely get an all female cat like this and today we were left wondering why this phenomenon doesn’t happen more often. It was absolutely one of the most enjoyable days of the year and it was all thanks to you ladies!

So if you are a female and have a birthday coming up, think about rounding up some more of your best female friends. It’s sure to be a fantastic experience.

Photos by Ben

Click here to see all the birthday shenanigans!

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