21″ in 24 hours

05 Jan 2017, Posted by Master of Chaos in Blog, No Comments.

21″ in 24 hours

The adventure in snow ramped up big time for us here at Steamboat Powdercats.  Mother Nature absolutely crushed NW Colorado and we saw 21″ of the precious powder falling in the past 24 hours on Buffalo Pass.  Reports of deep snow all over the West are legit. Over the last 3 days we’ve had 37 inches of snow.  To put this momentous dumping into proportions, we’ve only had 11 20″+ days this century, with the last happening on March 4th, 2013 when 20″ fell.  Our deepest was a 27″ hammering on December 20th 2003.  During the 07-08 season we had 3 of these 11 days.

Thanks to all you who visited us today.  It was a great celebration in the snow and a testament to getting lucky, planning correctly and living large every single moment.  You guys ruled it.

Images today by Kent. Check them all out here.


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