22-inches since storm began

22 Dec 2013, Posted by Master of Chaos in Blog, 1 Comment.

22-inches since storm began

IMG_1422It started snowing on Friday and more or less hasn’t stopped.  Winter Solstice came and went yesterday and the snow didn’t stop. It’s still snowing and it really looks like it won’t stop…tonight at least.

Some say February is the best time to come to Colorado to relish in everything powder, we now have strong evidence that December could be the best option.  These short, dark, cold days really produce some amazingly light, deep, face full of snow type ski days.  The quality of the snow was superb today just the ultra light.

Today was better than we thought with 22″ on the snows stake (67″ total depth).  We didn’t run a trip either Friday or Saturday and didn’t clean the snow stake till around 11:00 am today.  22″ in one storm, oh yea!

Thanks to the repeat crew that rallied up from Ft. Collins today plus Mr. Grew.  You guys hit the bullseye for sure.

Images by Beuford


December 23, 2013 6:33 am


Wow! Those photos really capture both the “light” of the solstice and the beauty of powder skiing! Looking forward to joining the downhillers in February !

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