24″ in 24-hrs

27 Dec 2012, Posted by Master of Chaos in Blog,Featured, 3 Comments.

24″ in 24-hrs

Days like today possibly come once in your lifetime. As Powderhounds we dream all summer about the endless faceshot, snow billowing up into your chest, neck and even over the head.

Unless you live in a ski town like Steamboat Springs, you don’t get the opportunity to drop everything and make it happen on a whim. Luck is very much involved in your opportunity to get the goods.  You have possibly picked your ski trip months in advance and what you get out of Mother Nature is what you get.  It may snow, it may not while you are here. This is why people come with Steamboat Powdercats.  At least you’ll know you’ll be getting “out back”, off piste and into the realm of fresh powder.

And then today happened! 24” in 24-hours is the dream come true.  It is what we desire most and it is something that the 24 skiers and riders, along with our staff, will remember about December 27th, 2012.  It was the deepest day of their lives!

Enjoy these images and short movie that Beuford put together.  May this be your dream  and may it come true some point in your life.






December 29, 2012 8:18 am

Brian Unterman

Wow, what a great day of skiing. The trip was fantastic and the guides awesome. Thanks again. Brian and Mylene

January 1, 2013 11:43 am

Craig Freeman

Best day in 30 years of skiing period!! Kevin, Pete and Mike were great! Can’t wait to ski with these guys again!!

January 1, 2013 1:48 pm

Master of Chaos

What great memories! This day goes down in history and thank you for being part of such a special moment in time.

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