24″ in 24-hours

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24″ in 24-hours

IMG_0128So it happened again.  Another massive wave of weather came down from the heavens and absolutely destroyed us.

With 15″ there when we arrived at the cabin, the storm kept hammering and ended up with 23″ at the cabin when the lunch lady left.  WOW!

So goes March.  One day it’s hot and boot depth and the next it’s nearly 2 feet.  This snow came in hot as well so we were skiing Whistlerboat style where it didn’t ski super deep.

Fortunately, the storm got cold and laid down some nice fluff on top so it was an interesting blend to say the least.

We did get a major boost in base with this storm.  Just yesterday we were teetering at 70″ and now a nice 83″ base.

What an adventure today.

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