3″ goes a long, long way

20 Jan 2015, Posted by Master of Chaos in Blog, No Comments.

3″ goes a long, long way

SPC Blog-01-20-2015-229Oh, did we just say that?  Those of you who follow this blog know that typically, it’s a double digit powder day that get’s us all hot and heavy, not 3-inches…please!  But, our expectations have changed. Since we launched into this New Year, 2015 has been a bit dry, well, dare we say, very dry. So when 3-inches of snow shows up we all high five, rejoice, shake a bit and do a little jig.

Today’s dance was just 1 cat, our Level III crew.  It was a photographers dream day with big blue skies cropping snow encrusted trees and fields of fresh. Our ripping crew, all of which were returning from yesterday, loved the 3-inches.  And this snow was an extra bonus.

Thank you all for coming back and playing with us.  We’ll take the 3″ and some wind this time.  Next time, we can only hope for more.

View all your photos here.

One of our guides, Kevin Owens, takes his new toy flying above our group on this day.  Boys having fun with their new toys!


Images by Kent.

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