A March Nightmare – The Misery of Being a Snowfarmer

19 Mar 2015, Posted by Master of Chaos in Blog, No Comments.

A March Nightmare – The Misery of Being a Snowfarmer

We are once again getting our asses kicked by Mother Nature. We know we are not the only ones this winter feeling her wrath but it still hurts, real bad. It’s been now a week since we started cancelling most trips.  We ran a few cats over the weekend with gamers but now, we are not even tempting folks with a cat ride, corn skiing and extra beer as all the soft turns have run out on Buffalo Pass.

We did get teased last night with 1″ of snow falling in the high country. But, rain and lightning in the valley reminded us that Mother Nature is just toying with our dreams of getting operating again. It’s much easier booking trips than cancelling tours due to unrideable snow. Not our typical M.O and hopefully not the new norm for seasons to come.

As Snowfarmers, we understand that there will be times when the skies part, the sun comes out and the snow turns.  We’ve dealt with drought before.  Remember, this January was our lowest snow total ever recorded in modern history.  Now we get this?  ARGH!

Such a bummer.  If anyone has jobs for our talented and now out of work guides, let us know.

Thank you to all who were there for us this past week and here in the near future.  Your understanding of our dilemma has been helpful. We’ve already had to cancel about 200 guests and have about 100 more of you dedicated snow warriors left on the books. Unless something miraculous occurs, it is looking less and less likely that we will get going again this season.  The warm weather and lack of low pressure in the next 2 weeks has us thinking its time for kayaking, biking, fly fishing and sunbathing.

It will snow again, just maybe not this March.

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