A Poem by Kevo

21 Jan 2016, Posted by Powtographer Ben in Blog, No Comments.

A Poem by Kevo

Hills of white, sky of blue
Job’s at night, 10 inches of new
Drag a brush through my hair
Found some socks without holes
Jab my roommates in the ribs
With my old ski poles

“Get up you lazy bums! Last night it snowed
Lets press a little glass, take that coffee to go.”
So grab you board, your tele’s your skies
We’re all friends on days like these
Forget about your ladies, forget about your men
Forget about your job, and remember Zen

To certain people out there, it must seem strange
Working two jobs for nothing but change
Those people like routine, days that are planned
Lights that are fluorescent, spaces that are crammed
Locals are different, ours souls are free
Searching for Eden deep within the Aspen trees

Powder is the way, not those hard, city streets
I love the Steamboat life with its victories and defeats
Please don’t be surprised by the smile on your face
Its a side effect of this remarkable place.

See pics here.


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