A Wives Unconditional Love for Pow

14 Feb 2016, Posted by Powtographer Ben in Blog, No Comments.

A Wives Unconditional Love for Pow

When a group of married men ditch their significant others for a bros ski trip on Valentines Day, it makes you think twice about what the reasoning behind it all was. When we awkwardly asked why they did this, their reason actually made perfect sense… “Valentines day is just another silly holiday” Said one of the C cat folks, “we love our wives tremendously… Especially because they were ok with letting us extend our ski trip into Valentines Day.”

And to you fellas, we raise a glass to your incredible wives. Their unconditional love for you will outlive your love for powder. So when you return home tomorrow after the amazing trip you had at Steamboat Powdercats, swoop your wives up off their feet and give them a gigantic smooch. Not for the silly holiday’s sake but for the sake that your wives are the reason your day today was as epic as it was.

See all the lovely shots from today here.


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