Bonus powder- 14″ in last 72 hrs

23 Mar 2013, Posted by Master of Chaos in Blog, No Comments.

Bonus powder- 14″ in last 72 hrs

IMG_0310When we plan for trips in late March we all know that conditions can be variable to say the least.  A week ago, we hadn’t received snow in a while and temps were in the 40’s up top turning the snowpack into one interesting venue.  We always find snow and had to poke and prod around the terrain, finding the goods on easterly aspects.

Today, winter is back and our fears of a March thaw have been forgotten.  We’ve received another 5″ this morning on the stake and 14″ in the past 3 days. This storm system couldn’t have come at a better time and will certainly set us up for some storm chasing this coming week.

Thanks again to all who stick to it, plan March cat ski adventures and get rewarded with light, dry, blower type snow. Looks like the next couple days will continue to produce and should stay cold.  Bring it!

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