Creme Brulee

16 Feb 2016, Posted by Powtographer Ben in Blog, No Comments.

Creme Brulee

Its no secrete. We had a misting crust event yesterday that blanketed Buffalo Pass with 2-3 milimeters of Creme Brulee.

After spending an entire day up there skiing on Buffalo Pass, we can speak with complete honesty and confidence that although there was doubt looming in the air about quality of the conditions, we realized that running cats was in fact a great choice. Every guest was happy and the skiing was enjoyable like it always is up there. Fast, carvy, a little loud but ultimately very fun. Clearly its not blower powder up there. We get that. What is up there is a bunch of very fun skiing terrain that got the Powdercats stamp of approval. Ready to rip?

All shots can be checked out here.

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