Day by Day by Day

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Day by Day by Day

After a couple days off from trips, today we had some gamers go up, including a sweet 40th birthday party for Nicole and a family party who rented a private cat with kiddos.

It was interesting conditions to say the least.  Guests were AMAZING and knew about the conditions going into this day so they had fun nonetheless. Thank you for being so awesome! Check out images attached of what we put them in.

We cancelled trips yesterday and the day prior due to giving guests the out and we had cloudy weather not warming up the snow…hence no blog posts from those days on this site.

Today conditions were warm again and looking like next few days will be more of the same.  This isn’t helping us up on Buffalo Pass.  We are now day to day and have been talking with all guests about conditions and most are pulling the plug on their tours.  We do have some gamers scheduled and looking to run another trip tomorrow and maybe one on Monday, both in our Level III terrain which is holding the best right now.  We are uncertain yet about Tuesday.

We are certainly hoping this isn’t the new norm for March.  If you remember last season we had our best March ever with snow every 3rd day or so. It was cold and epic and just a perfect month of skiing and riding.  Most March’s we see drought and warmth and typically get great skiing and riding even when it heats up but not this year.

Like we posted back on January 31st in our blog titled New Perspectives, we have a system when conditions get funkified to how we cancel and tuck our tails on trips.  Thank you all for being so patient with us and allow us to do our thing up here.

Looks like a chance of snow from Wednesday to next Sunday but who knows at this point.  The snow wizards are calling for a slight chance every day so we are hoping to pull some moisture in the crystallized form to fall on us here is sad, sad Northwest Colorado.

Photos by Ben

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