Free the Mind

27 Dec 2016, Posted by Powtographer Ben in Blog, No Comments.

Free the Mind

Standing at the top of Success, you click into your bindings and take a breath. Patiently you wait for your lead guide to give you the green light. What seems like forever, you finally get the go and you’re off. A few turns into your line you pick up speed and feel the chilly air flap against your jacket. You blast through the final few pine trees and it opens to a spectacular untouched run with a view of the Yampa Valley behind it. You hear the muffling echos of the people behind you hootin and hollering. Faster faster! By this point, nothing else matters in the world other than the sensation of powder slashing away from your skis. As you come to the bottom, you shut down your speed in one glorious slash and leave a cloud of powder behind you to slowly settle. With a ear to ear grin across your face, you’re plesantly reminded that this is why you came to Steamboat Powdercats. To free your mind and live in that eternal moment of powder glory. This is what its all about.

To those that shredded with us, thanks for playing in the pow. Your enthusiasm makes everything worth it. See all your shots here.

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