Full Blown Winter

28 Dec 2016, Posted by Master of Chaos in Blog, No Comments.

Full Blown Winter

spc-12-28-2016-911Holy Mother of Nature, you certainly destroyed us today.  Buffalo Pass hasn’t seen a something like this all season  We’ve had lots of snowy days here recently, in fact we are now over 135-inches of total snowfall for the month, but today was crazy. It started off with nuclear snow this morning then the relentless wind arrived making navigating around absurd.  Fortunately, we train for these situations and prep our snowcat roads with bamboo so that we can connect the boo and get back to the top to do it all over again.

Our 2 groups crushed it, even though every time we stepped out of the cat we were destroyed by the wrath of one mean Mother. It was truly one of those epic experiences in full blown winter.

Check out all images from today here. 

Images by Kent

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