Genchi Returns

21 Mar 2016, Posted by Powtographer Ben in Blog, No Comments.

Genchi Returns

With great pleasure, inspiration, super juju and fairy dust…the monkey man, Dave Genchi and his lovely wife Deb visited us today for a snowcat mission up to Soda Mountain.  It’s the second time Dave has been up with us in the cats since the life changer of a day back in 2006.

As we toured up into the terrain, the smile on all of our faces increased in elevation.  The energy was magic.  The experience was memorable.

The love Dave continues to give us all here at SPC, both old timer guests and current and past guides, is about as genuine and pure as there is.  We are all so much better with men like Dave in our lives.

Dave, thanks for the inspiration to keep kicking life’s ass every day, every moment, no matter what the circumstance.

Check out all images from today here…including the 1 cat of guests we had up in Soda Mountain…here.

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