Gold Sticker Hat Trick

23 Dec 2015, Posted by Powtographer Ben in Blog, No Comments.

Gold Sticker Hat Trick

SPC 12-23-2015 #464The winter storm warning we have been experiencing is still in effect. The last 7 days we have averaged nearly a foot of snow every night and its still snowing outside. 15 inches last night, 13 the night before, 16 the day before that…in fact it’s 73″ in 9 days if you’ve been counting. It just keeps coming down. With so much snow falling on Fluffalo Pass, today marks the third day in a row that we have given out gold stickers to our guests. If you forgot what the purpose of a gold sticker is, its basically a token of achievement somebody gets from Steamboat Powdercats when they get to ski 10 inches or more of powder from the previous day. When you give out gold stickers for 3 days straight, it begs the question… could tomorrow be a fourth?

Shots from today can be seen here.

Photos by Ben



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