Great, Big Powder Day

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Great, Big Powder Day

IMG_2855Oh my, what a day of cat skiing it was.  After waking up and seeing that Steamboat got 24″ in 24-hrs we over the top excited to see for ourselves how deep and how light the snow was on Buff.  It was not a let down by any means.  Some in the cat said it was their “Best Day Ever!” and the slideshow proves that it was light, deep and possibly one of your better days on your boards.

Interesting note, this storm was very isolated in its amounts that fell.  Most storms have this localized quality here in the mountains, for instance this is the reason Buffalo Pass usually receives more snow than Steamboat and it is only 10-miles or so as the crow flies.  Today it was the opposite.  Where Steamboat got 24″ in 24-hrs we got 11″-17″ throughout the terrain.  It was deeper on our WSW aspects and deeper on the lower elevation runs.

Looks like more snow on the way – YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Space available tomorrow in our Level I tour and some space later in the week on Level II.  Call anytime.

Slideshow images by Beuford




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