Hoarny for Pow

09 Feb 2016, Posted by Ben Saheb in Blog, No Comments.

Hoarny for Pow

When the fresh pow delivery system shuts down for a few days, some people can get nervous about the skiing conditions. Worry not though… nature has a magical way of creating more pow without it even snowing!

You see… When the skies clear up at night, the dry air sucks the latent moisture right out of the snowpack. As this moisture exits the surface of the snow, that moisture then freezes and crystallizes right on the surface creating a beautiful blanket of crystallized pow that only billions of diamonds could mimic. This natural phenomenon is called “Surface Hoar” and aside from its beauty, its excitingly fun skiing. Its fast, its loud and its carvy.

To see all the hoarny shots from today’s adventures, click here.

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