How to ski powder?

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How to ski powder?

IMG_0752A Level I tour at Steamboat Powdercats is a great way to learn how to ski and ride powder.  Today we had a Level I and the crew took to the powder and figured out how to ski and ride powder by the end of the day…mostly.  Of course there is a learning curve that some have a hard time breaking thru but for the majority of the crew, by the end of the day figured it out.

As one of the only cat operations that offers this Intro to Powder Skiing cat, we provide you with the tools for success in the powder.  Our guides will provide you with tips and hints to get you going. The powder speaks for itself as unlike learning at a ski area where it gets super tracked up quickly, with us the powder is clean and fresh and you’ll get 8-12 runs to practice your powder skills. By the end of the day you will have skied more fresh powder then ever in your life and this alone will give you the experience for the next time in the fresh.

Here are some ideas to think about if you are learning how to ski powder:

– Positioning and posture is super important.  A good aggressive or athletic stance is key with your feet hip width apart, not tight together or to far apart.  Your hands need to be up in front of you, not down by your side.  Use your wrists to plant the poles only, not moving your arms back and forth. Look up, pushing your butt forward, not sitting in the back seat.  Keep your chest always pointed downhill.  When turning never bring your shoulder around, cross slope, if possible.

IMG_0677– When moving downhill with enough speed, learn how to bounce your turns, bending your knees to push off evenly with each ski and basically bouncing between each turns.  It’s a dance in a way, you and powder, bouncing your turns instead of steering edge to edge on one ski.  Always think equal pressure and angle your ski’s equally.  Remember when you wish to turn, bend your knees, push down equally and bounce to the next turn then replicate the opposite way for the next turn.

– Gear is super important when powder skiing and we take this out of your hands by providing you with an all inclusive tour.  We have the ski’s and snowboards for you to use while on the trip with us and have poles with bigger powder baskets that help you stay upright.

– On super deep days, stopping near a track is a good idea for those beginning to learn how to ski powder.  Moving again can be hard when you are stranded on a flat or unable to move due to the depth of snow.  So keep a track near you at all times.  Get your own fresh turn, every turn but think about what is going to happen if you stop.

– Finally, learning how to get up out of the powder after you fall is key.  Don’t rush to get up as this wastes energy and you can possibly tweak something.  Remember, it’s okay to fall and everyone does it.  You have to crash and burn to learn and in time you won’t crash as much, we promise. Now, when down, if you can, move your feet and ski’s downhill, possibly with your buddy partner clearing out snow below you so your ski’s are across the fall line of the slope.  This makes it easier to stand up when you are ready. Cross your poles in a flat X on the uphill side of you and push down on the center. Don’t have the poles upright, pushing straight down.  This is awkward and stresses your knees more.

Have fun with this and we will see you in the powder on your trip out here to Steamboat Springs.

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