Its a Small World After All

07 Feb 2017, Posted by Powtographer Ben in Blog, No Comments.

Its a Small World After All

The year was 2002. Mary was sitting in a Denver elementary school waving goodbye to her 5th grade students as they departed for their summer vacation. “I always wondered where everybody would be after they grew up,” Mary mentioned in the cat. Little did Mary know that 15 years later she would be re-antiquated with one of her 5th grade students on a Steamboat Powdercats in the middle of a back country powder skiing trip on Buffalo Pass.

Somehow in the middle of all the powder skiing frenzy, Ben our powtographer was chatting with Mary to eventually realize that the familiar face he nostalgically recognized was in fact his 5th grade teacher from back in the day! Was it a coincidence or was it that magic of Buffalo Pass working its wonders? We may never actually know how it all unfolded but this story will remain as a great lesson to always talk to those strangers with their familiar faces. You just might be surprised who they actually are.

Another spectacular and magical day on Buffalo Pass folks. Thanks for playing in the powder!

Shots by Ben can be seen here.

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