It’s WHY we do IT

14 Mar 2017, Posted by Master of Chaos in Blog, No Comments.

It’s WHY we do IT

Now obviously, we love THE POWDER! Having deep, fresh snow lapping up into your face whist we porpoise thru the best run of our lives is the DREAM…but only sometimes a reality.  Throwing the dart in August in hopes that March 14th is one of THOSE DAYS is part of the thrill of WHY people become Powdercats. The opportunity to nail it and get the bullseye is the risk we take, the hedge that we form together and it keeps our dreams alive.

Today it’s springlike, sunny, warm and full on March…not lapping up in your face type snow.  We haven’t had a big storm in over a week and this coming week looks dry and similar to today. The dream of the deepest day of your life has come and gone and the reality of WHY you visit us truly sets in.

If you are anything like our guests who came today, you realize today’s your day no matter the snow.  You bring a vibe to Powdercats that blends well with our stoked guides, our systems in place and our united camaraderie of THE EXPERIENCE of skiing and riding together.  This is what makes your day with us one of a kind.

Why we do what we do is because there’s people like you in the world who love to get after it no matter what’s going on behind the scenes, on the snow or in your head.  You, we, embrace the experience and the joy of living large for today because it’s all we got, there is no alternative.

Thanks to all of you who understand why we do what we do.

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