Jupiter the Storm

11 Jan 2017, Posted by Master of Chaos in Blog, No Comments.

Jupiter the Storm

Jupiter Jones came back to Steamboat Powdercats today with a vengeance.  Jupiter, founder and owner of SPC from 1983-1999 and passed away in November, reappeared today in the form of Jupiter the Winter Storm. That’s right, check it out here.  This storm that is rolling thru the West is named Jupiter, fittingly, and it absolutely crushed us up on Buffalo Pass today.

Our two cats of super guests felt the vibe and realized quickly that today was something special.  It was a Golden Sticker day with 10″ new in the morning and proceeded to hammer all day.  We ripped up all the classic lines in Fatties, Dingo, In the Buff and Scotties ridge.  Smiles, laughter, hoot’s, hollers and high fives made us all agree that today was one of those days. Wish you all were here.

Check out all images Kent took here. 

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