Luck of the Powish

17 Mar 2017, Posted by Powtographer Ben in Blog, No Comments.

Luck of the Powish


Finding a four leaf clover in the wild is a rare occurrence. In an entire lifetime, some people will never even find one. But for few, a four leaf clover can be discovered every single day if one is willing to shift their perspective inward to where it all begins.

Here we raise a glass of Guinness and Whiskey-Baileys to the rad crew that had the best attitude no matter what the snow conditions were. For today, our four leaf clover was one snowcat left alone to the 10,000 acres of the wild Routt National Forest on Buffalo Pass. Today was the experience Rakowski has been talking about since the early 80’s this group of shredders got to experience Steamboat Powdercats as it was when it all began.

Cheers. To the four leaf clovers all around us.

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