The Luck of the Powish

17 Mar 2016, Posted by Powtographer Ben in Blog, No Comments.

The Luck of the Powish

SPC 03-17-2016 #2538We met St. Patrick’s western step brother today, St. Powish.  He brought with him 14″ of our beloved white gold and sprinkled it all over our faces.

With 3 cats out full of super lucky guests and guides, it was an adventure in winter once again.  Now day 3 of storm, the tally  is 45″ in 72-hours.  Along with the wild December and January, this cycle goes down in powder lore as one of the best March storms in a long, long time.

Thank you gang for coming from all over the world and powder chasing with our crew today.  Many of you threw the dart at today a long, long time ago and how lucky were we?  Those of you who saw this storm coming in and booked this week, you guys are about the smartest folks on the planet.

Cheers to St. Powish, may he keep his white gold flowing.

Oh and guess what, it’s supposed to snow like this thru tomorrow!!!!!

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