Merry Christmas Eve

24 Dec 2015, Posted by Powtographer Ben in Blog, 2 Comments.

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve!

Today was the first day we saw the sun in a while. During our last run it popped out and allowed us to get some great photos. Today’s blog is going to be short because we all want to go to our families tonight. Thanks for an amazing day today! Have a blast and enjoy your magical life.

Photos by Ben

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December 24, 2015 7:07 pm

Edward Gabbeh

Ben, great photos. good Job, and we wish you the best. Be safe. Ed

December 26 2015 16:15 pm

Ben Saheb

Hey Ed!

Thanks for enjoying the photos. We post every day so be sure to tune in again. Take Care!

- Ben
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