Money back guarantee for first time Level I guests

Over the years Steamboat Powdercats has wowed tens of thousands of guests with what has become the cornerstone of our operation: great guides, exceptional service, attention to detail and an all-inclusive experience.

Combining this with our ability to match guests to their skiing and riding ability level, we are confident that your experience with us will be one of your most memorable in the snow.


Details of this Exclusive Guarantee:

  • Only valid for first time, Level I guests.
  • Based on single seat pricing for full day tour.
  • Guarantee is based on guides, services, detail and all inclusive experience, not Mother Nature, snow conditions or your ability to ski or ride in the powder, i.e. the things that are within our control.
  • For our benefit, any guest who asks for money back will be asked to fill out a questionnaire so that we can better our service and operation.

Skiers and snowboarders at this Level I  are strong intermediates who:

  • May have no powder experience.
  • Are confident on blue runs and will occasionally ski black runs on a lift served ski area.
  • Are comfortable making smooth parallel turns.
  • Enjoy new challenges.
  • Seek to build their powder confidence.
  • Review more details of this level here.

Many of our potential intermediate guests have an illusion that skiing the backcountry is not for them. Their confidence may be tweaked by previous experiences at the ski area where the powder is chopped up or tracked to the point where the experience is compromised. A common misconception for our first time guest is that a snowcat trip means they will be in avalanche terrain.

These fears are understandable and we have easy answers to the concerns. First off, when visiting us, you will ski and ride on fat powder skis/boards that we provide you, allowing for an easier turn in the untracked powder. The powder is what we are all about. Even days a week after a storm, we are still finding more fresh tracks than you’d be able to find at most ski areas by mid-day after a good dump. Fortunately for us, Buffalo Pass, where we operate, is annually the deepest snowpack in all of Colorado and the storms just roll in, refreshing our terrain on a reliable basis.

By separating ability levels, the Level I guests doesn’t have to worry about holding anyone up. All of us in this group understand that there may be guests who have never experienced backcountry conditions and there will be a learning curve as the day progresses. There is no rush or ridicule for those having a slower time getting the hang of skiing/riding the powder.

Though we are in the backcountry, this doesn’t necessary mean we will be skiing or riding slopes that avalanche. When in our Level I cat, we will not ski any terrain that has had an avalanche since we started Steamboat Powdercats in 1983. The terrain is mostly open glades, below tree line with a similar pitch to a blue run at any ski area.

We are so confident in the experience that is Steamboat Powdercats Level I that we have built this program in hopes to convince newcomers to the snowcat skiing world and to Steamboat Powdercats.

This program is not intended to be abused so please come for a visit with an open mind and be honest with us if you choose to receive your money back.