Moving On

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Moving On

This season is a wrap people.  Our cats are now put to bed, the guides have flown the coop and we are settling in for another long off season.  It’s amazing just how fast time flies, how quickly our winter with you comes and goes.

For those looking to next year’s reservations already, please review our Next Season’s Bookings page.

Our 16/17 season in the powder was once again super successful in that we treated lots of folks to another great day(s) up on Buffalo Pass.  It’s the people that truly make this place go.  The combination of our staff and our guests coming together and crushing it every day.  We can’t ever forget that “we” make this experience in the powder together and again we all did our part.

Mother Nature on the other hand did a great job for us in the early part of the season where we saw over 100-inch months again in December and January.  February was a good producer with about 68-inches but then March didn’t show up. Up on Buff we only received 17 total inches. It was hot as well.  Oh the joys of being a snow farmer.

Now we turn our sights to the off season and next year.  The ski season isn’t over yet and we hope to make a few more turns here and there. Also, now it’s time to pull out the raft and kayak and get on the powder flowing down our rivers in liquid form.

Be safe, enjoy every moment and remember to breathe folks.  Life is full of great opportunities and we applaud your efforts to share them with us.

Your friends at Steamboat Powdercats

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