Natural High

15 Mar 2015, Posted by Ben Saheb in Blog, No Comments.

Natural High

Today started off interesting. We didn’t nail the soft snow on the first run. Once we found the soft snow, it was a little further away than we are typically used to. Because of this, our guides were feeling the strain of the current drought we are experiencing. Wrapped up in the slight bit if anxiety we were having, our amazing guests gave us a different way to look at the day…

One of our guests mentioned that every time he brings his crew up to Buffalo Pass, everybody is on a natural high, enjoying the day to the fullest no matter what the snow conditions are. Thanks to our amazing guests, we were humbly reminded that you don’t always need 2 feet of fresh blower powder to have a fantastic day. All you need is a beautiful place like Buffalo Pass with a set of fantastic ski guides and a bunch of your best friends.

At the end of the day, we all were smiling. Why? Because skiing is skiing and its an absolute blast to go skiing no matter how deep the snow isn’t.

Photos by Ben

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