Oceans of Fog

15 Jan 2017, Posted by Powtographer Ben in Blog, No Comments.

Oceans of Fog

We were greeted this morning with a thick fog covering the Yampa Valley.

It was cold and dark out. As we threw on our low light lenses, we also grabbed an extra layer before we hit the road with our three vans full of hungry powder rippers.  Awesome. As we meandered up the snowy Buffalo Pass road, we noticed that the fog began to thin out as we gained in elevation. Sweet. By the time we reached dry lake, there was nothing but clear skies above. Glorious. From the top of Buffalo Mountain, we could see the ocean of fog stretching out as far as the eye could see. Beautiful. Some even said it was reminiscent of being at lake Tahoe but with a hint of that Buff Pass magic.  Spectacular.

Another wonderful day to be up on the pass. What adventures will tomorrow hold?

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