On a Deep Note…

26 Mar 2015, Posted by Ben Saheb in Blog, No Comments.

On a Deep Note…

10 days ago, we thought it was all over. It was hot, it was muddy and every last bit of powder was gone. Yes, every last bit of powder was gone. There was no real snow we could count on in the forecast so with a heavy heart, we pulled the plug on the season. It wasn’t what we wanted to do but it was in fact the right thing to do. We retired the ski boots, slapped on a pair of sandals and most of us took to the Utah desert for some red dirt therapy. It was a real disheartening way to end the season… So we thought that is.

A few days ago we heard that a storm was rolling in. We brushed it off as a mere tease. On Wednesday morning, we were greeted with 10 fresh new inches up at the Cabin! There was fresh snow to ski but no guests to take skiing! So on a last minute whim, we pulled together the few guides that were still in Steamboat, we called up some of our favorite storm chasing guests and we filled two cats for one last hoorah!

The snow today was so… so good. It was soft, it was fluffy and it was fast. We even got some faceshots! Everything about today was picture perfect. Tomorrow we are taking down the tent and ending the season for good. Mother nature may have been a bit rough on us the this season but we are extremely grateful she came back and let us end our season not on a hot and muddy day but rather on an epic powder day.

Thank you everybody for a fantastic season. You are why we love what we do.

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