One in 20 Million

13 Jan 2016, Posted by Ben Saheb in Blog, No Comments.

One in 20 Million

One in 365 people across the world today are celebrating their birthday.  Do the math and that’s about 20 million people worldwide. Of those 20 million, only one lucky person named Nicky was celebrating her birthday at Steamboat Powdercats.

You see… a regular birthday celebration is about celebrating another year of age. One year older, one more grey hair, one more sore muscle. But a birthday at Steamboat Powdercats is a bit different. Rather than embracing your older age, a birthday at Steamboat Powdercats its more about embracing  everything that makes you feel like a kid again. Uncontrollable laughter, ski parties with all your best friends and ribbons tied to your helmet. So Nicky, if you’re reading this, congrats on being the luckiest person of 20 million today. We had a blast skiing with you.

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