Out in the Distance

04 Mar 2016, Posted by Powtographer Ben in Blog, No Comments.

Out in the Distance

When the skies become as clear as they were today, the world around us appears to be a lot smaller.

Out in the distance we could see the other cats motoring around Buffalo Pass… a mere 5 miles away. Out in the distance we could see the train chuggin along all the way from Craig… a mere 50 miles away. Out in the distance we could see Mt. Sopris poking through the horizon… a mere 100 miles away.  And way out in the distance there is a snow storm heading our way… mere few thousand miles away.

Loving the sunny days up here on Buffalo Pass but we eagerly await a change of pace as we move into a more snowy cycle for the rest of March. Do your snow dances and sacrifice something!

See all the shots from today here.

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