Praying for Snow

28 Jan 2015, Posted by Ben Saheb in Blog, 1 Comment.

Praying for Snow

Lets face it. We haven’t had snow in weeks. Legitimate snow that is. Since our last big snow event, the skiing has been great. It always is at SPC. Over the passed few days however, its been a bit challenging for us to find that pow.

FORTUNATELY we have some of the most experienced ski guides on the planet and they have the ninja-like ability ability to  STILL find secrete powder stashes only the keebler elves know about.

So that was our day today. Sniffing the air, listening for solitude and harnessing the inner force to direct us to the goods. We came, we searched and we found powdery pow pow. Our photos from today prove that there is still snow up there.

Although there is still pow to ski, we found ourselves spending a good part of our day looking above to the heavens praying that a magical snow event comes by and nukes us with centillions of stellar dendrites!

Click here to see today’s photos!

Photos and today’s prayer ceremony by Ben


January 30, 2015 4:21 pm


Hope the snow gods give us POW! We are set up for SPC on 2/25. But it looks like u guys are still finding some stashes.

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