Safari Science

25 Feb 2016, Posted by Master of Chaos in Blog, No Comments.

Safari Science

Every now and then, one of our cats winds up calling in sick and has to take the day off. This time around it was our beloved and newest to the fleet, Thunderat, that has a faulty fuel system at the moment. We had to call in the pros from Wagner to give her some TLC as the fix was out of our mechanical reality. While ThunderCat was under the knife, Calvin AKA the Safari Cat jumped in to pick up the shift.

For those of you that have experienced a Safari Cat mission, you know that though its a bit rugged at first, everything is calculated and precise.  From loading the skis, to seating, to how snacks and water are stored to how it even drives. As a participant of Safari cat, it can be quite hectic at first. But once you get everything down to a science like Andy, Matt and Nick did today, Safari Cat opens up into a a true adventure machine that only comes out once in a broken down event at Powdercats.

Thank you to all of the guests who get to experience this a few times in a season event.

See all shots from today’s adventures here.

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