Shifting Currents

16 Feb 2015, Posted by Master of Chaos in Blog, No Comments.

Shifting Currents

We had a stream of moisture break thru this mega high pressure ridge today.  New snow at the cabin was 5″ and up to on Soda 7″.  It was our first new snow since last Tuesday where we were refreshed with a 6″ storm.  We will take it and roll on.

This season has been very spotty for us for snow as you know.  We had big snows in December (77 inches) which led to a long drought in January where we only received 17″ total all month.  This was our lowest snow total in January since we started taking snow records in 2000 at our cabin. Now in February this is our 3rd storm over the past 2 weeks and things look to keep shifting towards more snow in our forecast.

Today was fantastic for us.  Lots of returning guests came to pillage the goods and we really appreciate the prayers you gave us to make this snow happen.  You guys certainly nailed it on timing.  Wish we could hit it like this everyday.

Thanks for playing folks and see you next time.

Check out all your images here from today.

Images by Kent

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