Snow update

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Snow update

The Tower Snotel Site managed by the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Day by day we get closer to our powder season up on Buffalo Pass.  December 16th, our opening day is oh so close.  Our guide training starts next Monday so the engine is cranking up for this annual powder party that we get to throw.

Today we are mobilizing Calvin our road building snowcat.  Phil and Rex are up at Dry Lake, pushing snow and getting our base area fine tuned.

Yesterday we rallied up on snowmobiles to our cabin, the top of In The Buff and to the famous Tower Snotel site. We found 36″ of snow at our cabin and In the Buff.  The Tower Site was at 30″.  We had Jason Konigsberg, avalanche forecast from the Colorado CAIC avalanche forecaster Jason Konigburg helping Steamboat Powdercats assess theearly season snowpackAvalanche Information Center, along with us. Good times assessing the snowpack with us and getting an idea on what’s in our snowpack during this early part of the season.

The snow factory of Buffalo Pass has been turned on and it looks like storms are lined up for at least the next week.

Thank you Mother Nature for kicking in the snow at the most perfect time.

Amazing to think that just 2 weeks ago Buffalo Pass looked like this:

Soda Mountain in Indian Summer on Buffalo Pass colorado. Right before the snow comes.


December 8, 2016 4:38 pm

David Gest

Can’t wait to play in the powder with you guys this year!

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