The Perfect Start to the Awkward Finish

15 Feb 2016, Posted by Powtographer Ben in Blog, 1 Comment.

The Perfect Start to the Awkward Finish

8 Inches of pow since yesterday. What a fantastic way to end the 10 day drought we experienced. Conditions were just excellent. Fast and velvety pow on top of a supportable surface. A powder skiers dream. Then it all changed… Mist. First it was a layer of ice on the goggles and before we knew it there was small drizzle crust on the surface. This wasn’t a day ender by any means. We skied the crap out of the drizzle layer. It was actually quite fun to be honest. Just awkward and strange to say the least.

We emailed our buddy Joel Gratz from Open Snow   to get a scientific explanation behind this phenomenon and here is what he said.

“It sounds like what happened today is that,  for a time at least, the cloud layer became shallower and therefore the top of the cloud was a bit warmer and the atmosphere couldn’t turn all of the liquid water into ice crystals. This is near impossible to forecast in northwest flow events like this as there are changes in the temperature of the atmosphere and cloud thickness every few hours.”

So what does this mean for folks arriving in the next few days? Probably nothing. This drizzle crust is very thin and very skiable. With more snow predicted to fall on top of it, we think this drizzle crust episode will get laughed away as we get faceshot after faceshot of the glorious muppet fluff expected to be delivered.

Business as usual at Steamboat Powdercats. Can’t wait to have all y’all in the coming days.

All shots can be seen here.



February 15, 2016 9:19 pm

Chris Curton

One of the best days I have ever had! Thanks for the awesome day. Thanks to Mike, Brittany & Kyle, so much fun, perfect day, you all made my trip!! So want to do it again & again. Thank you so much!!!!!!

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