The Powder Chariot

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The Powder Chariot

With the flick of a switch ignited by the power of a fiery webastatic blast, the three relics in red rumble to life. The frozen ice on their raw steel frames tremble away in fear as their dynamic diesel engines warm up to the temperature of a thousand suns. It is here at the driest of lakes where the Powder Chariots comes to life.

Soon the three white skiffs of sacrament will cross the path of the buffalo and deliver 36 of the finest snow slayers to the loading docks of these three incredible snow machines. When the HOG signals the ok, the three powder chariots depart their homeland and ascend into the wintry abyss.  As the three valiant machines crest the rockiest of flats, their deep throaty rumble reverberates off the cliffs of China with the sound of a thousand stampeding horses. Pirates and mystical creatures afar flee in fear as the three powder chariots reach the summit of Mount Buffalo.

For the next 8 hours, these fine machines will battle the elements, play the finest of tunes, carve the smoothest of roads and continue to deliver a world class powder slaying experience for all. Without their courageous vigor, Steamboat Powdercats would perish.

Today we raise a goblet to the the three powder chariots (Tigger, Felix and Thunder) along with their fearless leader Calvin. Thank you for your service.

Photos here.

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