The Powerball of Powder

19 Jan 2016, Posted by Master of Chaos in Blog, No Comments.

The Powerball of Powder

IMG_7531Last week the world’s biggest lottery jackpot was picked and 3 lucky winners split $1.5 billion dollars in Powerball Jackpot money.  Kinda, sorta similar, maybe…we had our own lucky winners here today with us as only 1 cat with 8 guests went out into the Powerball of Powder.  With another 5 inches to add to the 5 feet of new snow this past week, we scored big time today.

Not only did it rip to blue mid way thru the day but the 5 inches gave us a creamy top to the epic snow and amazing terrain we are now punching into.

It’s not always like this folks. Gotta get it when you can.

Seats available tomorrow and the next day…just saying…?

Check out all images here from today.

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