The Wayne Wong

16 Feb 2017, Posted by Powtographer Ben in Blog, No Comments.

The Wayne Wong

Spread eagles, pro callouts and Wayne Wongs. Yep. That was today.

If it had a lip, we were sending. If it was a guide, guests were calling them out. If it looked smeary, we ALLLL were Wongin.’

Now if you don’t know who Wayne Wong was, shame on you. Wayne Wong was a skiing icon of the 70’s and 80’s  who invented some of the steeziest trick of all time. With the sun out and all the smeary Wongy turns around, his spirit lived on today up on Buff Pass. Today was a tribute to Wayne and all the steeze he brought to skiing culture.

Our best Wayne Wong shot goes to Todd’s Wong with the steezy finger point add on for extra gnar points. We recommend you go to our instagram page @steamboatpowercats and tell us who you think did the trick better. Was it Todd or Wayne!?

See more Wong action at this link here!




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