Ticket to Shred

22 Mar 2013, Posted by Master of Chaos in Blog, No Comments.

Ticket to Shred

IMG_3027Our friends from Never Summer took 2 of our cats today for their Ticket to Shred event. Several winners (purchase a board and get name placed in a hat) along with a friend came and rallied along with some studly Never Summer employees.

This was our first Ticket to Shred event and we plan on having more of these in the future. The Ticket to Shred is just one reason why Never Summer is the best snowboard company in the industry. Their boards rip if you didn’t know and we’ve been styling them all season.

We had another crew out as well and all of us loved the snow from yesterday and the sweet visibility in the morning. Fortunately, it started snowing around noon and it didn’t stop!

Slideshow Images by Beuford




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