Unleash the Powdercats

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Unleash the Powdercats

SPC 12-16-2015 #204Today we begin another journey into this wonderful world of powder.  We are so lucky in what we do.  Connecting people to a place, snow to faces, guides and guests, mountains and storms, Mother Nature and snowcats, it’s such a pleasure to get this opportunity and today starts our annual 4 month escapade into something very special.

We’ve received over 3 feet of snow in the last week, conditions are deeeeeeeeeeeeeep.  This storm cycle has been a savior for us in some ways as last week things were marginal to say the least. With only a 28-inch base last Thursday, we now have a settled 44″ base at the cabin which is a great start for us.  SPC 12-16-2015 #275Our road system, thanks for Todd, Eric and rookie Phil (Rex is recovering from neck surgery – ouch!) is a work in progress and this snow certainly helps with these guys working their magic.

With just 5-guests in the cat, we pulled off an epic adventure today on Buffalo Pass. Wow was it deep.  We had 2 guests from the Neatherlands visit us.  They came from Crested Butte yesterday, all the way to Steamboat to get after it with us.  Along with our friend Jim Grew there were 2 others who won a lucky ticket from the Steamboat Ski Area. All of us ripped it and enjoyed the wonder that is Buffalo Pass and a cat skiing experience with Steamboat Powdercats.

What a day and what a great start to our epic adventure in the powder.

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