Welcome to Planet Hoth

22 Dec 2015, Posted by Powtographer Ben in Blog, No Comments.

Welcome to Planet Hoth

In the midst of all this Star Wars hype that’s going on around the world, we also had our own little Star Wars fun here at Powdercats today. While we were driving up for our first run, one of the guests mentioned that it looked like planet Hoth outside. And to their defense, it was a perfect comparison. The snow, the snow and the snow! If you don’t know what Hoth looks like, a quick google search will inform you of its snowy glory. The only thing missing was Luke Skywalker battling a gigantic snow lizard in the horizon. Maybe that happened… If it did, we didn’t notice it because we were too busy enjoying the 29 inches of powder that fell over the Hoth-like terrain in the last two days.

At the end of the day we left the cats with ear to ear grins on our faces. How could you not when there was over two feet of fresh snow under your feet? As we look outside, its still snowing and there is more snow is still in the forecast. Looks like the Hoth effect is still going strong. Let it snow!

To see shots from today, click here.

Photos by Ben

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