Why we go

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Why we go

SPC 12-30-2015 #103A day in the powder with Steamboat Powdercats can be really impactful. Its an adventure in the present moment and then it lives on as a memory that lasts for a lifetime. Whether that memory is preserved as a float mount hanging on your office wall or a classic story that you tell time and time again, we are always intrigued by what inspires our guests to walk through the doors.

When we looked around our cats today, we asked the question, “Why do you go?” It’s a simple question but the answer can sometime be a surprise. For some, it’s priceless family time ripping fresh turns together. For others it’s all about experiencing a sensation in the SPC 12-30-2015 #140powder that’s legendary or enjoying the mountains and snow of the Routt National Forest. Maybe it’s the guides humor or good looks…but mostly it’s the POWDER!

Whatever the reason, we want you to know that its you guys that inspire us. Seeing your stoked faces and enthusiasm that you bring into the cats is what validates everything that we do at Steamboat Powdercats. That’s why we go.

All of the images from today’s trip can be seen here.

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