Why We Rock

17 Feb 2017, Posted by Powtographer Ben in Blog, No Comments.

Why We Rock

The terrain we operate on is part of Routt National Forest. Its public land and anybody can use it. It can seem very attractive at times to want to access Buff pass on your own with your own means of travel but take anybody’s word for it, its just not the same.

The major difference from doing it yourself and doing it with us is we have been operating daily every winter for over 30 years and on any given day, we have over 100 years of collective guiding experience on staff. This as a result provides you with a guided experience that is world class and next to none. In times of drought like we are currently experiencing, we are still out ripping beautiful swaths of pow that the “do-it-themselvers” have abandoned trying to find days ago. That’s why we rock. Because day in and day out, we’ve been dedicating our lives to providing a cat skiing experience that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

See the glory here!

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