Winter is Here

01 Nov 2015, Posted by Ben Saheb in Blog, 1 Comment.

Winter is Here

Every season around September/October, we bring all of the cats up to the maintenance garage at Steamboat Ski Resort and give them some serious TLC. It starts off with power washing the exterior and moves into rebuilding the tracks, grousers and engines. Its a detail oriented process that takes several weeks and during that time there is a lot of transition and change happening all around the Steamboat area. The leaves begin to change to their beautiful golden yellows, the temperatures begins to drop and deliver frost at night and eventually the snow begins to fall in the higher elevations…

The passed couple days has brought moisture to the area. Mostly rain in town but  snow where we like to go ski. Although we still have over a month before we start running trips, we are beginning to put away bikes and bring out the skis. Its moments like this that give us a sweet reminder that winter is here.



November 15, 2015 9:34 pm

Marisol Villalon

Will be in steamboat springs for the first time with my family and wanted to make a reservation. You can call me at 9563427803 or email me at

Thank you

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