Steamboat Powdercats (SPC) is looking for a mechanic to join our team immediately. Diesel mechanic experience preferred.

We are seeking a motivated, personable, hard-working individual to lead our Maintenance team. The successful applicant will play an integral role within our operation, working directly with management and the crew on all things maintenance of snowcats, snowmobiles, and other vehicles, assisting with backcountry snow road construction, and repairs to other machinery, equipment, and facilities.


  • Work will start immediately and last through April 15th, this is a full-time “seasonal” position with year-round potential. 
  • $30,000+ depending on experience from now till April 15th!
  • Seasonal bonus/profit sharing
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Unique benefit package including ski passes, POWDER SKIING, gear/tool stipends, and more.
  • Dog-friendly workplace (subject to meeting the dog).


  • This person will be tasked with the overall care and maintenance of SPC vehicles (snowcats, snowmobiles, trucks/cars, vans), equipment, and facilities (office, maintenance tent, storage, cabin).
  • Responsibilities for this position include, among other tasks:
  • Administration: Creating, refining, and maintaining existing and/or new maintenance logs/spreadsheets/journals; developing best management protocols for snowcat starters and drivers to help with the general care and troubleshooting of snowcats
  • Mechanical: Organizing overall flow, schedule, and execution of maintenance and repair for vehicles, equipment, and facilities
  • Ordering: Securing parts and supplies for the maintenance program
  • Leadership: Working with management, and staff, to accomplish agreed-upon program and maintenance goals
  • Assisting in, and gradually taking a leadership role in morning procedures for getting equipment ready and closing down the day’s operations.
  • Daily repairs, cleaning, and/or preventative maintenance for snowcats, snowmobiles, vehicles, or facilities.
  • When daily maintenance and cleaning of vehicles and facilities are completed or unnecessary, or when asked to assist, this person may be tasked with other jobs which include, but are not limited to:
  • Administration work such as updating maintenance records, program development, and best management practices
  • Snowcat road building and/or snow clearing work within the 50-mile road system that SPC builds and maintains
  • Assisting in the shuttling of Backcountry Ski Tour participants, or other staff into the backcountry
  • Snow safety assistance
  • Stretching of bamboo along snowcat roads
  • Snow removal
  • Assisting with medical emergencies
  • Facilities maintenance may include odd jobs in and around the cabin, tent, or office
  • Office work or other errands
  • General “Johnny on the Spot” assistance
  • If the overall maintenance plan is such that a “split shift” is appropriate, and is effectively communicated, a portion of the day can be utilized to ski on the pass, or ski area, provided that this person is available to respond to emergencies that may arise, in an immediate manner.

Education and Experience:

  • High School Diploma/GED; or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience. Candidates must also maintain a valid driver’s license which meets company-established driving guidelines.
  • Experience working professionally with diesel equipment and/or other automotive industries is a plus

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Knowledge of a wide range of mechanical processes
  • Must have competent skills using a variety of tools in a variety of different applications
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and prioritize tasks in a self-directed work environment and maintain high levels of productivity without direct supervision
  • Knowledge and operation of snowcats and/or heavy equipment
  • Knowledge and operation of snowmobiles
  • Knowledge of basic handyman skills from carpentry to electrical
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Self-motivated and task-driven

Physical Requirements:

The physical/environmental demands of this job can be taxing and decent to good physical fitness is key for success.

  • Must be able to bend, stoop, squat, and stretch to fulfill repair/maintenance tasks
  • Must have the ability to frequently lift 50 lbs. and occasionally lift up to 100 lbs
  • May be subject to oils; there is air and/or skin exposure to oils and other cutting fluids
  • May be subject to cold temperatures for an undefined amount of time
  • Requires grasping, writing, standing, sitting, walking, repetitive motions, bending, climbing, listening, hearing, and solid visual ability